Hello! My name is Lindsay Fleming.

I am a lover of Jesus, Word following imagist ✝️, healing believing expressionist 📖, people loving introvert 😌, kingdom ushering explorer 🌿, and prophetically inspired writer 🖋 who is passionate about connecting people to God through self-discovery.

NOTE: This page has been updated from my personal blog Prophetic Grounds to GodHabits!


What are GodHabits?

Every single person alive has an identity and destiny. And…most of us spend a great amount of time, energy, and resources in pursuit of self-discovery. Unfortunately, in that pursuit, many become burdened, discouraged, disconnected, unhappy, and unhealthy. That’s where GodHabits come in!

GodHabits are the change agents for lifelong transformation on your uniquely inspired pathway to freedom!

What does that mean exactly? It means there is a pathway to freedom that is completely unique to you! In the midst of cultural chaos and internal struggles, there is a source of Love that longs for your freedom from performance, stress, pain, heartbreak, disease, discouragement, and so much more. Think about it…what do you want to change in your life? GodHabits can get you there.

After 30 years of participating and leading in team environments, I’m beyond convinced that “together is better” when you know it’s time to make a change.

Here’s where it all starts:

GodHabits Pathway

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Lindsay Fleming is a coach, coordinator, senior editor, content developer, and intercessor.  As a natural-born leader and accomplished collaborator, she serves to provide clarity, motivation and coordination in every engagement she experiences, personally and professionally.  She has been granted an “eye” for the “greater story” and how it is woven throughout the details of individuals, organizations and communities. The training and education Lindsay has gleaned over her life has taken her from a budding writer to a seasoned expressionist of identity, value and purpose for an array of leaders and entities speckled throughout the many spheres of society.  The insights she stewards are the ammunition for prayer that is the catalyst for the results her co-laborers experience. She currently resides with her husband Matthew and growing family in Charlotte, NC. Lindsay holds an MA in English Literature, is a Certified Facilitator of Transformational Leadership, and Life Habits Coach.