Fire of Your Spirit, The Sea in Between, Translating God, & Religion and Research

#MOTM (pronounced ˈmōdəm) or Media of the Moment is where we share any media finds that have come across our desks and are new, interesting, inspiring, or noteworthy.

For the inaugural MOTM post we will be sharing a singer, a film about a singer, a prophet, and a professor.

THE SINGER:  Sarah Libermansarah-liberman-video-3

WATCH: Fire of Your Spirit
A brother and partner from South Africa shared the video linked in the image below with us this week. It immediately captivated Matthew and me. The images in the video are striking and the artistry of the Hebrew language is sure to stir your spirit.



WATCH: The Sea in Between

Matthew and myself have been avid worshipers in our walks with God. One of his favorite artists is Josh Garrels. With the release of Josh’s Christmas album this year, The Light Came Down, Matthew stumbled upon the movie The Sea in Between.

The film features the creative journey of a group of musicians and producers who build an album from the ground up. The group brings their instruments and gear into the heart of nature to discover their truest sound.

Josh Garrels shares his story, a true Kingdom testimony and inspiration to anyone who believes in destiny.



READ: Translating God

There are many Kingdom leaders with exceptional gifts. Shawn Bolz is among them. We have heard of no one in this day and age who has such a heart for the Father and walks so precisely in gifts of knowledge.

We have heard Shawn in many different contexts and are excited to hear him now in this book (we picked up a copy this morning). What excites us the most is Shawn’s message to the world that all can hear from God, all can grow, all can love, and all can prophesy.

THE PROFESSOR: Dan Arielydan-ariely

READ: Religion and Research

While listening to Dave Yarnes speak, he mentioned Professor and researcher Dan Ariely. He shared about an experiment Dan conducted around the influence of the Ten Commandments in regard to cheating.

In his post Religion and Research he looks at religion as a tool to help understand rules, behavior, relationship, and the like through social science.

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