Love Heals

As I was posting on Instagram this morning @mr_mrs_fleming, I felt there was a bit more to share. The initial post reads:

The morning after feasting đŸ„– and celebrating đŸ„‚has come with a deep sense of gratitude and đŸ™‹đŸŒexpectancy. “Love heals” could not be more appropriate in this time for every single 🌎individual, family, 🌍community, city, 🌏state, and nation. As I reflect on the stories of those I know and 📜those I don’t (like the women of @thistlefarms) a desperate cry đŸ™ŒđŸŒfor healing love wells up in me. How desperate 👑Jesus is to pour out 🌩His healing love on us 😌All we have to do is ask 🙄


Every single one of us needs love and every single one of us needs healing. Yet the vast majority of prayer requests are around the latter. Just yesterday, on Christmas, multiple prayer requests for healing came in. An older friend discovered multiple blood clots while a newborn was rushed to the hospital with a severe respiratory infection. While I don’t need to go on about how much healing is needed in our world, we each know it all too personally, it is important to emphasize the drastic, deep-rooted, and comprehensive need for healing.

After posting this and praying about God’s healing love, many scriptures came immediately to mind (verses about God’s love, being known by His love, healings and the work of love in the body of Christ). As I prayed, one verse in particular was highlighted in my spirit:

Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love. 1 John 4:8

As I see this verse in media and hear about it in sermons the focus remains heavily on the last part of the verse, God is love. This is a wonderful, true, and powerful truth. However, we are missing something equally important if we gloss over the first part of the verse.

In context (verses 7-11), John is speaking of love’s role in our relationship to one another (brotherly love) by showing an example of God’s love made manifest in His Son Jesus. Yet the first part of verse eight speaks directly to us about us. John is speaking of our love, yours and mine. He then tells us that it is directly related to our knowing of God.

The word “knowing” in this instance comes from the Greek word ginosko. This word has a few primary meanings. Yet, perhaps the most important definition is “allow.”


In this verse John is expressing that knowing actually means allowing. He is saying that in order for us to love one another, we must allow God.  In all relationships, but especially a relationship with God, this distinction could not be critical. Knowing God and knowing love means allowing God and allowing love.

So…what don’t we know, what don’t we allow, how do we allow, and how does it all fit in with healing?

WHAT DON’T WE KNOW? Since prayer has emerged as my calling I am learning much about why prayer is important in the Kingdom, how to pray, what is accomplished in prayer, etc. One thing I have noticed is that in our prayers and petitions for healing we often separate love out. This largely stems from our Grecian roots that have separated medicinal sciences from the church. But whatever the reason, this separation shows that there is something most of us believe. This belief is revealed in the way we ask and pray for healing.

WHAT DON’T WE ALLOW? The truth is, we want healing without really wanting the Person of Love it originates from. We have missed that healing is indistinguishable from love, and we believe accordingly. We desire to allow healing to take place yet we are unwilling to agree to the terms and conditions: belief.

HOW DO WE ALLOW? Believe that Love and Healing are one and the same. Believe that asking for Healing really means asking for Love. Believe that Jesus is Healing and Healing is Jesus. Love heals because it is in its very nature to do so. And, this divine nature is only found in the person of Jesus. His name is Agape and His name is Yahweh Rophe. If we believe that Jesus is who He says He is, we allow The Truth to do His healing work of love.

But he was pierced for our transgressions;
    he was crushed for our iniquities;
upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace,
    and with his wounds we are healed. Isaiah 53:5

HOW DOES IT ALL FIT IN WITH HEALING? There is a simple place to start: asking. The first prayer on the path of healing for ourselves and on behalf of others is…

God, help me allow You Father, You Jesus, & You Holy Spirit.

That’s it! The whole prayer! Once prayed, expect results and pursue the Person of Healing Love with all you’ve got. In Jesus is where all salvation, healing, and transforming love is found and He promises that when we seek we shall find.


The other day, Matthew and I were discussing the most powerful moves of God we have seen along the way. We discovered that we have both seen miraculous healing and deliverance in the areas of childhood wounds, addictions, trauma, tragedy, heartbreak, and loss. Matthew has also seen physical healings with his own eyes!

In that conversation we realized that we both long to see increased healing in all areas, but especially physically. Due to the physical challenges I have been facing for the past seven+ years, this has been a special focus for us. Writing out this post has encouraged me to take my beliefs before God and freshly ask for help in allowing Him to be and do all.

The post also reminds me that as much as I pray and petition for the healing of others, belief for that healing starts with me.

There is a popular saying that you may have heard before…Hurting people hurt people. In light of “love heals,” there is another saying that I hope becomes even more common…Healed people heal people.

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