Grace & Truth, Einstein’s Time Theory, Epiphanies Change Everything, and The Light-Love Paradox

#MOTM (pronounced ˈmōdəm) or Media of the Moment is where we share any media finds that have come across our desks and are new, interesting, inspiring, or noteworthy.

This MOTM has been in the works for a month or two. During December the word “paradox” was highlighted over and over again. Since I regularly meditate on the dual nature of God’s character I paid special attention to what He might be saying through emphasizing paradoxes in specific areas.

For this MOTM, I will be sharing a brief book, a time theory, a perspective-giving post, and a doctrinal decree.

THE BRIEF BOOK: Randy Alcorn


READ: The Grace & Truth Paradox

In the final blog posts of 2016 I discussed what Matthew and I were experiencing as God was teaching us to balance grace and truth. This little book helped reinforce that grace and truth must be present in love. In this paradox, God’s perfect love is 100% truth and 100% grace simultaneously.

THE TIME THEORY: Albert Einstein


WATCH: The Illusion of Time

Time, like God’s character, is a thing of paradox. This video introduces a theory around Einstein’s mathematics and describes the findings of The Clock Experiment. What is shared in this video speaks to God’s divine nature of being 100% new and 100% unchanging. (There are scientific beliefs in this video that do not align with a Judeo-Christian, Kingdom perspective. I have featured it to open the scope of our thoughts and make an illustration.)



READ: Epiphanies Change Everything

I have appreciated and been blessed by God’s work in Graham Cooke for years now. In this post he encourages believers to remain open to a lifestyle of perpetual epiphanies of God. In that lifestyle, everything changes. This post speaks to the paradox of an epiphany: a 100% single, deep encounter with God and a 100% timeless revelation of truth in relationship.

THE DOCTRINAL DECREE: The Light-Love Paradox


Light and Love are many things! John 3:20 and Ephesians 5:11-13 speak of the necessity of exposure in light. Proverbs 10:12, Proverbs 17:9, and 1 Peter 4:8 speak of love covering what is exposed. God is both 100% light and 100% love. The paradox is this: light exposes and love covers.

FINAL THOUGHTS: God’s divine nature is so much higher than ours. He alone is God and can exist, in what appears to us, as perfect paradox. The key is that what we perceive as paradox, incongruity, or mystery is simple, clear, good, and true for God. My prayer is that the the divine mystery of His nature will continue to open our eyes and hearts to who He really is.

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