The Vanguard


For weeks (and especially the past few days) my head has been swimming with topics to write about and my drafts folder is all but bursting at the seems. Between the cultural climate and the vibrancy of my personal life there is no shortage of content.  Yet, as I waited for the topic that felt right in the midst of much noise, the Lord began to speak to me about why this time is truly special.

God revealed that we are in a time of peace and a time of conflict. In that, there is an active draft for, what is emerging as, The Vanguard.

The Vanguard are the troops that lead the way. They lift the banners of righteousness, herald truth with their horns, and wave the flags of Heaven. They are the fearless, tip of the spear, and the battering ram. They are the initiators, flaming arrows, and catapult stones. They are substance and scents of sacrifice and incense filling the atmosphere.

esther-4-14The conscription that is taking place for God’s forerunners, however, is voluntary. In His perfect love God always allows His children to choose. Right now, many hear the whisper of His call and sense the stirring of glory in their spirits. Right now, God is inviting the poor in spirit, the mourning, the meek, the hungry, the thirsty, the merciful, the pure in heart, the peacemakers, and the persecuted to join His angel armies and mobilize in faith.


proverbs-21-1Just this week hundreds of thousands of people across the country have mobilized and marched because of something they believe in. The kind of movement and demonstrations we have all seen is a taste of what happens when people’s beliefs align and they’re moved to action. Yet, in all the emotion, offense, and passion…God is moving. Will we perceive it?

God’s strategies and tactics are higher than ours, plainly. As believing people who are fully dependent on God we know how dark our broken nature is and how limited the works of man apart from God are. This caused me to consider His purpose in The Vanguard.

As I pursued the Lord I was compelled to ask about The Vanguard’s mission. I was curious about their role, what they’re meant to accomplish, and so on…what The Spirit revealed felt like the kind of surprise you almost expect. He revealed that the primary mission of His first wave of warriors is to PREPARE THE WAY IN THEIR OWN HEART. As I let this response sink in, naturally, my second question was “how.”


Isaiah 43.18-19.pngThe first thing The Spirit highlighted was the importance of forgetting the former things. For The Vanguard it will be critical to forget offenses, assignments, entitlements, comforts, and false identities. God is truly doing a new thing. In order to perceive it, there must be a deep releasing to create space for the scope of the new. It truly is that much higher and more powerful than we could ever imagine.



The second necessity for The Vanguard is to wait and see. In particular, to wait until they see glory so their eyes become full of light. In any circumstance it will be their privilege and power to recognize and perceive God’s glory.  To allow light to permeate and to see glory saturate every single circumstance, waiting is required. Oh how quick we can be to judge, take offense, and make decisions in our hearts of flesh. Waiting for The Truth to be revealed in light and glory will enlighten the bodies of The Vanguard and empower them for victory. These troops have such an invitation to keep their eyes fixed on the blazing, Holy One of glory. As they remain fixed, the light of Christ will eclipse all fear and doubt.

#3 PURSUE VIRTUEsoldiers-36414_1280

There are two virtues available for The Vanguard to pursue: Peace and Courage. This company must be courageous to believe the good report of the promised land. They must walk in the bond of peace with one another by the Spirit. For The Vanguard, these virtues must be pursued…courage as a seal on their hearts and peace a seal on their arms.



The Vanguard must be burning ones. The pressing they have endured until now has produced a rich oil. As this oil burns their lamps will stay lit. As they abide in the anointing of the Spirit, the All-Consuming Fire will go out from them in every direction.



The strength of this group will reside in their thanksgiving. The sharpness of this group will reside in their praise. As they behold, pray, and worship God, The Vanguard will enter in to a holy place. It is truly time to declare the name and identity of the one, true, triune God, Yahweh.


Yes, a thousand times yes!!! The Vanguard is active and being mobilized across the globe, in every nation, and in every sector of society. Nowhere and no one is off limits for the Lord. More than that, what this revelation confirms for me is that WE are God’s strategy. Us, the ransomed ones and co-laborers with Christ are invited into the coming Kingdom right now.

In the Spirit there is a march toward Zion as believers make a way for the King. The Vanguard mission reveals the battlefield is the heart. The elect, called to prepare the way in their own heart, will become highways, hotspots, and conduits for the coming King of Glory.


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