Book Launch: Indivisible

Today my first book, INDIVISIBLE: Healing Meditations officially launched. This project has been quite a process. I have been sharing the journey via IG but have failed to properly update this page. So…here are some of the highlights that I’ve shared along the way.

In one of my recent posts called Taking New Ground I dive into a Transformational Leadership tool called VPMOSA. In short, this has to do with Vision, Purpose, and Mission. The VPMOSA tool has been key in this creative project as well as countless other personal and professional projects in my life.

As I sought the Lord about “the why” for INDIVISIBLE, this was the result:

Indivisible Purpose

I truly believe that encouragement plays a huge role in healing. What’s more, how many times in scripture do we see the words, “your faith has made you well.” In that, the purpose of this book is to encourage faith in God’s active (“now”) plan to heal me, you, and all things!

When it came to the the mission part of the planning process, this was the result:

Indivisible Mission

On my own healing journey, during my first Sozo session, the Holy Spirit revealed Himself to me as a fountain. It was a powerful revelation and is part of what INDIVISIBLE seeks to accomplish…to stir up truth, presence, and vision within.

And…with that…I hope you are able to utilize this book for your own walk with God and the healing process that comes with being a believer in Jesus!

CLICK HERE to purchase INDIVISIBLE: Healing Meditations

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