My Story

After a lifetime of inflammation caused by diet and less than optimal life habits, I am finally living more free than ever! My health journey consists of many chapters, unanswered questions, frustrations, dead ends, bad reactions, tremendous financial investment, and infinite prayers.

I grew up in typical suburban Southern California on a diet of cereal, peanut butter & jelly, hamburgers, and buttered noodles. As I grew, I discovered cheese as well. So…imagine a teenage girl being almost exclusively fueled by carbs at home and hamburger meals away from home. As I became an adult, alcohol entered the mix and my love for italian food grew. You can imagine but by my mid-twenties I was consuming consistent and large amounts of bread, cheese, beer, and wine while smoking half a pack of cigarettes daily. Around that time I hit the alarming number of 250 on the scale. I was also experiencing insomnia, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, auto-immune symptoms, emotional struggles, inflammation in my blood, and internal organ impairment. After exhausting medication for these symptoms and all clinical and psychological medicine had to offer, it took God intervening in my life. Eventually I began pursuing naturopathic solutions to my long-standing health issues. It took another four years of trial and error and practitioners in five different states for me to hit a point of such exhaustion on the journey I took a break from all treatment.

During the rest period, God began to speak to me about habits of body, emotions, mind, heart, and spirit. He began to highlight roots, barriers, and mindsets that were causing fragmentation within my body. Essentially, we are designed to be wholly integrated. As a people broken by trauma, disease, heart-break, tragedy, injury, and insults…it makes integration of self (body, soul, and spirit) very difficult. In short, it takes God to make the kind of repairs necessary for full integration, healing, and wholeness. That’s why GodHabits have been the most essential agents of change along my journey. Jesus gets 100% credit for all of my healing!

Read my article, The Voice of the Healer for a more in-depth synopsis of my health journey.

My most recent focus has been in partnership with a few programs/curriculum that have catapulted my health to all-time-highs. I’d love to share more and walk together in the pursuit of health, healing, and wholeness! Click HERE if it’s time for a change?